The SaySomethinginSpanish '6 Minutes a Day Spanish Speaker' course

Become a Spanish speaker in 6 minutes a day - in just 12 months from now - or your money back

Our 10 day ‘Brain Shock’ intensive residential courses cost £10,000 - and they're transformational.

With this ONLINE course, you're going to be covering the vast majority of what they achieve - but only paying a fraction of what they cost.

Here's a short video showing what a difference even one of our shorter, 5 day 'Brain Shock' courses makes:

But you're going to be achieving MORE than that...

you're going to get through at least as much (and in some ways, more) than our TEN DAY 'Brain Shock' courses - IF you can put in 6 minutes a day, every day (or, if you prefer, 40 minutes once a week, or 20 minutes twice a week - whatever works for you)

But because you're doing it at home - so we don't have to book accommodation for you - you won't need to pay £10,000 for these results.

Unique, synapse-building

Our entire method is based on forcing your brain to create and retain memories, which is what turns you into a Spanish speaker - it's tough and challenging, but it WORKS - you get a new set of tasks and challenges every week, complete them when and where you want, and you improve NOTICEABLY every single week.

Live group video
practice sessions

Every week, you get the chance to use your new Spanish in a hot-seat group video with a live tutor, which brings the language to life for you (any time you need to skip, you can watch the recording instead)

Unusual, even
stunning guarantee

If you're not delighted by your new conversational ability in Spanish, we'll refund you. In full. Even AFTER you've finished the whole course - we've never seen any other language course offer that (because their results aren't usually good enough). We live or die by our results - you WILL be a Spanish speaker in 6 months from now.

“I’m over halfway through level 2 in the Spanish course. I am embarrassed to say I have purchased maybe a thousand dollars of almost every lesson available out there and this is the best one out there, in my opinion.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about SSi Spanish. It gives you the building blocks to assemble long strings of words into complex ideas and sentences, and the tools to be well ahead as a Spanish second language speaker.

As a mom and a former teacher of English as a foreign language, who tore her hair out trying to reach her foreign students every day and explored many many methods, I will say that what sets this apart is the great abundance of meaningful input, immediate exposure to the second language, and the opportunity to speak over and over again.

How I wish I had been exposed to this method back when I was teaching!”

Leanne Leith

a spanish learner in California, USA

6 Minutes a Day Spanish
Speaker course guarantee

You will be a confident, conversational Spanish speaker in just 12 months from now.

You just have to put in 6 minutes a day - in the comfort of your own home - and we'll take care of the rest.

If you're not happy - heck, if you're not delighted - for whatever reason, at whatever time - you just let us know, and we refund you in full, no questions asked.

Or... do you want to go FASTER?

If you can put in 3 to 4 HOURS every week - if you're that serious, and you want to go that quickly - then you might want to have a look at our accelerated, '6 Month Spanish Speaker' course - which guarantees you'll be speaking confidently in just six months.

But don't take this on lightly - it's brutal - it really forces you through your paces (that's the only way we can be sure of getting you the best results)




Full access to the '6 Minute a Day' Spanish Speaker course for a monthly payment of £10



one-off single payment

You come to a secluded valley in the north of Wales (local helicopter transport available)

You stay in high quality private

You have all your meals included You get one-on-one tutoring from a 'Brain Shock' SaySomethinginSpanish expert for 8 hours a day

You can bring a friend or partner (to learn with you or just to keep you company until you reach full immersion)

And: you get a unique complete refund if you aren't having confident conversations in Spanish by the end of the course


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