Be a confident Spanish speaker in just 12 months from now...

This ground-breaking approach WILL make you a confident Spanish speaker... in just 6 minutes a day... or your money back, in full, no questions asked.

What you'll get with our Full Access package:

  • our vital audio prompt lessons
  • accelerated listening exercises
  • weekly tasks and challenges for 12 months
  • a lively and friendly support community
  • video support group with live tutor each week

And if you're not happy - if you're less than delighted with your progress - at ANY point - just let us know and we'll refund you immediately.

LIVE video tutor support

You get full access to all the learning materials for the '6 Minute a Day' Spanish speaker course - AND you also get access to a weekly video practice group, led by a live tutor, to make sure that you start taking action and USING the Spanish that you have learnt.

£30 GBP

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