10 day residential intensive one-on-one (or pair)

Come on our brutally intensive residential 10 day course, and you'll be staying in a secluded valley in the north of Wales:

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Before you can choose a date, we need you to pass our screening requirements to make sure you'll be a good neurological fit for this level of intensity.

We charge a nominal fee of £100 (which will be taken off your final course fee) to take you through the screening process.

If you don't pass the screening, we refund you in full.

If you pass the screening, then you'll be able to choose a date that you'd like.

If you'd like to bring a partner or friend, that's fine. If you'll both be learning, you'll both need to pass the screening. If you bring someone for company, please note that for the last four or five days (usually - but earlier if possible) you'll be in complete immersion, so you'll only be speaking Spanish.

£100 GBP

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