Learn Spanish in only 6 minutes per day

The unique SaySomethingin Method for language acquisition will help you become a confident Spanish speaker faster than you would have thought possible.


High Intensity

The SaySomethingin Method forces your brain to build new synapses - you'll be able to feel it happening! - and that's what turns you into a confident Spanish speaker.

Any Time, Any Place

You can do our audio lessons on the go - commuting, walking the dog, washing the dishes - and you have easy options for group video practice sessions

No Wasted Time

You just do what you actually need - no time wasted on pointless games or boring classroom exercises - just pure, powerful learning that makes you speak Spanish

How Does it Work?

You hear a prompt in English — you have a gap to say it in Spanish — then you hear it spoken by Spanish speakers.

Unique, synapse-building methodology

Our entire method is based on forcing your brain to create and retain memories, which is what turns you into a Spanish speaker - it's tough and challenging, but it WORKS - you get a new set of tasks and challenges every week, complete them when and where you want, and you improve NOTICEABLY every single week.

Live group video practice sessions

Every week, you get the chance to use your new Spanish in a hot-seat group video with a live tutor, which brings the language to life for you (any time you need to skip, you can watch the recording instead)

Unusual, even stunning guarantee

If you're not delighted by your new conversational ability in Spanish, we'll refund you. In full. Even AFTER you've finished the whole course - we've never seen any other language course offer that (because their results aren't usually good enough). We live or die by our results — you WILL be having conversations in Spanish in 6 months from now.


As you go through the audio sessions, we start to add some unique listening exercises - a ground-breaking approach that we've seen nowhere else...

"I lived in Spain for twelve years and watched others struggling at Spanish courses, worrying about grammatical aspects, tenses, genders, and other issues, when I simply got on with speaking the language. Other than immersing yourself in a language, by living where it is spoken and only using that language, as I was fortunate enough to be able to do, the Say Something In method is, for me, the far most effective way of learning a language. Don’t worry about the grammar or the exact word recognition, that’s not how one learns one’s native language: those aspects will come later."

David Neale
Alicante, Spain

"After just two weeks of using the SSI method, I am so much more confident in engaging people in Spanish. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fluent speaker…yet, but I’ve fooled some waiters and waitresses into thinking I am :-) Just last weekend I was in Southwest Florida for a business trip and I ventured into a Colombian restaurant for lunch. I was able to speak with the hostess, the waiter, and even the owner all in Spanish, without them switching over to English (which usually happens when they realize I’m struggling to either understand or get out what I’m trying to say)! I even had two patrons of the restaurant come up and ask where I learned to speak Spanish so well. Man that felt good!"

Scott Nelson
Los Angeles, California

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you do the tasks and exercises that we set you - because they're all designed to trigger actual neurological change, so it's impossible to go through them without creating and strengthening the memories you need - as Jeremy Vine found out live on Radio 2. This just genuinely works.

No. You can work when (and where) you like. You can work through the material in exactly 6 minutes a day if you want, or you can do occasional 30 minute sessions - you can even leave it for a few weeks and then catch up in a couple of hours. The longest gap anyone's taken so far is 16 months - and he was then able to carry on from exactly where he left off.

No, you don't. You'll start to USE normal, grammatical Spanish sentences because of the way we train your brain to recognise how to put words together - but you don't need ANY formal understanding of how it works, just as you don't need to know all the 'rules' for English. And we actually prefer it if you don't write anything down - it helps put the right kind of pressure on your brain to improve your speaking and understanding.

We do, but it's too expensive for most learners (our 5 day residential intensives cost a minimum of £2,500 and our work with organisations is £500 a day). Our online courses are how we make our uniquely powerful approach affordable for everyone, and our friendly and enthusiastic community (where our tutors also answer questions) will probably be all the extra support you need.

Well, we're biased! It's certainly more convenient than being locked in to an evening class, and it's a much faster process. And we've got the social element in our video group exercises and friendly support forum, as well as our meet-ups. But lots of people find that our courses also help them get the very best out of an evening class, if they want the extra face-to-face social interaction (but don't want to get locked into the normal fairly slow rates of progress in classroom learning).

No. You can cancel or change your subscription at any time.


The SaySomethingin Method is so powerful that it can turn you into a confident speaker — in less than a year from now — in just 6 minutes a day.


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